Viajes de voluntariado internacional

Viajes de voluntariado internacional

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ONG en inglés en Tailandia

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  1. Maria José Alarcon

    Hi I’m María José from Colombia, I’m 22 years old and I’m looking for a place as volunteer teaching english in Thailand, I’m currently living in France and i’m a distance university student of Politic sciences. I have some experience with kids in Germany and in South America, I would like to go to Thailand at the end of this year.
    If there is something that you can do to guide i would be very grateful.
    Greetings from france!

  2. Irene Asenjo

    I would love to know more about It, if you could please send me information about the volunteers un tailand would be great

  3. Marta

    Me gustaría recibir información de este proyecto, saber si tiene algún coste mas aparte de allí la comida y si tiene un limite de duración. He estudiado magisterio de ingles y tengo un b2, aparte de experiencia dando clases de ingles.

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